Safe care with a reclining Shower Chair

The need for safe and comfortable handling of patients and elderly has always been an important part of healthcare as well as elderly care. reclining shower chair for disabled are used for this, with the intention of making showering a better experience for both the patient and the caretaker. This is generally done partly through transportation being made easier and by having functions which makes showering a simpler task for both parties. 

There's a good number of reasons for any hospital or elderly care for acquiring a reclining shower chair or two even outside of the ones previously mentioned, one being that it can save money and loss of work over time by ensuring that risk of stress or work-related injuries are minimized.

 It's a cost-effective way of making sure that a good hygiene is upheld and kept without making it a stressful experience.

Products from TR Equipment

TR Equipment can offer reclining shower chairs at an affordable price without sacrificing quality a​nd longevity, giving it a low cost of ownership. Their product can be battery powered as well that helps make lifting, moving and transporting a patient or elderly around with little to no risk for both parties involved. 

Though of course, a reclining shower chair isn't the only thing that you can acquire from TR Equipment as they offer shower trolleys, bathtubs, mobile patient lifts and other products made for hospitals and aged care facilities. Everything that's needed to help make moving, lifting and transporting patients and elderly when needed as well as helping to keep up patient hygiene.​